Treatment Fee

แผนกทันตกรรม Dental

ค่ารักษาTreatment บาทTHB
Composite Veneer 
  More Than 12 Teeth3,000.- THB./EACH
  6-11 Teeth4,000.- THB./EACH
  3-5Teeth5,000.- THB./EACH
  1-2 Teeth6,000.- THB./EACH
Porcelain Veneer  
  More Than 12 Teeth9,000.- THB./EACH
  6-11 Teeth 10,000.- THB./EACH
  3-5 Teeth11,000.- THB./EACH
  1-2 Teeth12,000.- THB./EACH
Laser Teeth Whitening10,000
Orthodontic Treatment (Metal Bracket)80,000
Ceramic Bracket100,000
Clear Aligner120,000
Scaling and Polishing2,000
Composite Filling1,000-3,000
Front Tooth Extraction (all included)1,000
Premolar Tooth Extraction (all included)1,500
Molar Tooth Extraction (all included)2,000
Impaction Tooth Removal (all included)6,000
Acrylic Denturestarting price at 5,000 and +1,000 per one tooth
Flexible Denturestarting price at 7,000 and +1,000 per one tooth
Metal Framework Denturestarting price at 18,000 and +1,000 per one tooth
Full Dentureprice inquiry
Root Canal Treatment7,000-12,000
Dental Post6,000
Dental Crown12,000-18,000